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Types of Tops You Must Have This Summer

Having a few pieces that match well and are suitable for creating many outfits significantly simplifies the life of a modern woman. If she looks stylish and neat, she makes a favorable impression on those around her. To meet expectations and emphasize high social status, a basic wardrobe needs to be assembled.

What is a Basic Wardrobe?

The concept involves the ability to create an unlimited number of fashionable outfits using a few clothing items. Simply supplement each outfit with relevant accessories and shoes to confidently stay in step with fashion. The advantages of a basic wardrobe include:

• Quick Creation of Original Outfits: Well-chosen clothing items save you in situations when there is not enough time to buy a fashionable outfit.

• Variety of Outfits with Bright Accents: Basic clothing items are suitable for creating classic, romantic, casual, elegant, and office looks.

• Endless Relevance: Trends change every year, but basic items remain fashionable for decades.

The main rule when assembling a basic wardrobe is to buy high-quality items made from durable, wear-resistant materials.

What is Included in a Basic Wardrobe?

The main elements are:

• Pencil or straight skirt

• Sweater and jumper

• White shirt

• Black turtleneck

• Romantic dress

• Sneakers, black boots, and pumps

• Trench coat and biker jacket

• Black midi dress

• Classic jeans

Based on these items, you can easily create a stylish set without much thought. Depending on lifestyle, clothing style, and personal preferences, the list can vary.

Highlighting Tops

Tops are considered basic clothing for spring and summer. Loose plain models without decor are easily combined with skirts and trousers of different styles. Cropped crop tops are worn with classic trouser suits. A winning combination is with wide jeans and a loose-fitting jacket.

A well-rounded women's wardrobe should include a variety of tops to suit different occasions, styles, and seasons. Here are some essential types of tops to consider:

Basic Tees

White Tee: A classic white T-shirt is versatile and can be paired with almost anything.

Black Tee: Another basic that goes with everything.


Crewneck Sweater: Great for layering and keeping warm.

Cardigan: Versatile and can be worn over dresses, shirts, or tees.

Tanks and Camisoles

Basic Tank Top: Ideal for layering or wearing alone in warmer weather.

Silk Camisole: Can be dressed up for a night out or worn under blazers.

Long-Sleeve Tops

Striped Long-Sleeve Tee: A classic piece that adds a bit of pattern to your wardrobe.

Turtleneck: Great for colder weather and layering under jackets or blazers.

Athletic Wear

Activewear Tops: Comfortable and functional for workouts or athleisure.

Tips for Choosing Tops:

Neutral Colors: Start with basics in neutral colors (white, black, gray, navy) for versatility.

Fit and Comfort: Choose tops that fit well and are comfortable.

Material: Consider the fabric for the season and occasion (e.g., cotton for casual, silk for dressy).

Style and Personality: Select tops that reflect your personal style and can be mixed and matched with other items in your wardrobe.

Having a variety of these tops ensures you're prepared for any occasion, from casual outings to formal events.

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