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Neapolitan pizza at home

Pizza is a famous Italian dish that has become a recognized culinary masterpiece in all countries of the world. Probably, the reason for such popularity is the boundlessness of imagination in the recipes for its preparation.

Do you already have inspiration and all the ingredients? The only thing left is to buy a mobile oven OONI FYRA and please yourself and everyone around you with a signature dish.

Prepare an authentic Neapolitan pizza in just 60 seconds.

For a great pizza, you need a super hot and mega fast oven. Where is one to be found? The innovative OONI FYRA oven allows you to cook incredible pizza at home quickly, easily and without hassle. It takes a lot of heat to make fantastic pizza. The OONI FYRA oven reaches twice the temperature of home ovens in just 20 minutes.

The mobility of the OONI FYRA pellet stove will make it the heart of any event. Designed for outdoor use, it guarantees you fantastic food in your backyard, outdoors, on the beach or anywhere else. Meets all needs and cooks you from truly great pizza to fried fish, baked vegetables, fried steaks and even fresh bread.

OONI FYRA is a revolution in pizza making. It is designed for optimum heat retention, which combines with the natural efficiency of wood pellets to provide unrivaled cooking, maximum burn time and minimum effort. It has a stylish design, a body made of durable carbon steel coated with powder paint, excellent fittings, patented technologies. The handy pellet tray automatically feeds the wood for easy cooking. It weighs only 10 kg and gives you mobility with all the power and warmth of a large wood-burning stove. The body of the stove is additionally insulated with mineral wool, which allows you to perfectly retain heat inside.

Cooking on OONI FYRA is simple, fun and unique. Create authentic Neapolitan pizza, as well as incredible steaks, delicious grilled vegetables, and more. Only pizza and dry bread-based dishes are prepared on the stone. If you are cooking meat, vegetables or other dishes, use Ooni cast iron cookware.


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