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Save the planet and your money with cheapest electricity prices in Spain

Electricity in Spain is supplied by a combination of public and private companies. The main electricity grid in Spain is managed by Red Eléctrica de España (REE), which is a publicly-owned company responsible for ensuring the security and stability of the electricity supply.

Let’s emphasize 5 several energy companies in Spain that provide electricity and/or gas services. Some of the largest energy companies in Spain include:

  1. Endesa: a Spanish multinational electric utility company.

  2. Iberdrola: a Spanish multinational electric utility company that operates in several countries.

  3. Naturgy (formerly Gas Natural Fenosa): a Spanish multinational energy company that provides electricity, gas, and renewable energy services.

  4. Repsol: a Spanish multinational oil and gas company that also provides electricity and gas services.

  5. EDP (Energías de Portugal): a Portuguese multinational energy company that also operates in Spain, providing electricity and gas services.

There are also several smaller energy companies that operate in Spain, such as Gana Energía, Lucera, and Gesternova, which focus on renewable energy and sustainable practices.Spain has made significant progress in recent years towards increasing its use of renewable energy sources to produce electricity. In fact, Spain is one of the leading countries in Europe in terms of renewable electricity generation. Some of the main sources of renewable electricity in Spain are: wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power: Spain has a large number of rivers and dams, which are used to produce hydroelectric power. This is the second largest source of renewable electricity in Spain after wind power, biomass.

Overall, renewable electricity accounts for a significant and growing proportion of Spain's total electricity production, with a goal of achieving 74% of renewable electricity by 2030.

Switching to renewable energy is important for several reasons. Renewable energy sources produce much lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels. This means that switching to renewable can help to reduce global warming and its impacts, such as extreme weather events, sea level rise, and biodiversity loss. Renewable energy sources are not finite and are therefore more sustainable in the long-term compared to fossil fuels. This means that countries can become less dependent on importing fossil fuels, which can increase energy security and reduce geopolitical tensions. This energy is becoming increasingly cost-competitive with fossil fuels, and as technology continues to improve, costs are likely to decrease further. This means that investing in renewable energy can create new jobs and boost economic growth.

Overall, switching to renewable energy is important for addressing climate change, promoting sustainable development, and improving public health and well-being.

Gana Energía is an independent and online electric power distributor that offers 100% clean energy from renewable energies. Founded in 2015, Gana Energía is among the cheapest electricity and gas companies on the market. The values of Gana Energía are transparency and savings, advising its clients so that they contract the cheapest rate according to their electricity consumption habits.

Electricity rates

Tariff 2.0TD Without more: Electricity at cost price in each hourly section. Biggest savings per year!

This variable price electricity tariff offers both energy and power at cost price in each hourly section. A small fee of €0.15/day or €4.5/month, a concept that they indicate separately on the invoice. The price of energy is completely transparent and easily accessible through the Red Eléctrica Española website.

2.0TD Online Rate: Fixed price in 1 energy period only. Forget schedules!

This rate offers you a fixed price 24 hours a day. It is perfect for homes by combining the peace of mind offered by not having to worry about time slots or the ups and downs of the market with the cheapest energy price in the country.

Tariff 2.0TD Stable Price: Fixed price in each hourly section. Win in peace of mind!

This fixed price electricity rate offers you the same cost of energy in each hourly section (Punta, Llano and Valle). It is perfect to gain peace of mind.

What are the 2.0TD electricity rates?

The 2.0TD tariffs are access tariffs or access tolls previously known as 2.0 (contracted electric power less than 10kW) and 2.1 (contracted electric power between 10 and 15kW). The 2.0TD rates correspond to supply points with a contracted electrical power of less than 15 kW.

At Gana Energía they offer the 2.0TD rates for homes and small businesses with power less than 15kW. Except for the renewable energy that is offered by Gana Energía, this company has absolutely amazing service and easy-contacting support.

Documentation to hire Gana Energía electricity rates

Among the documentation necessary to contract the Gana Energía electricity rates we find the following:

  • If you are a private consumer, name, ID and contact information.

  • If you act on behalf of a company, company name and CIF of the company.

  • Address in which the light supply point is located.

  • Universal Supply Point Code (CUPS) .

  • Direct debit account number.

  • Rate and electrical power contracted.

Customer service: Gana Energía toll-free telephone number

All consumers who wish to contract an electricity rate with Gana Energía, request information or carry out a procedure related to their electricity supply, have the following contact channels at their disposal:

* Customer service telephone number : 900 53 56 89

* General information email :

* Customer service email :

* Online form

* Twitter : @gana_energia _

* Facebook : @ahorraconganaenergia

The Gana Energía Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Think about the future of your and the next generations. Switch to the renewable energy sources and support our planet.

Check Gana Energía official website.


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