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How to choose an adult bike

First of all, you need to decide which type of bike you like best:

  • City bike – for riding on city streets and bike paths

  • Road bike – for fast riding on asphalt roads

  • Mountain bike for cross-country and bumpy roads

  • Or maybe a hybrid, which has a little of all the above types of bicycles

Choosing the size of the bike wheels

The size of the bike’s wheels determines its overall ground clearance (height of the bike), as well as affects the maneuverability, handling and rolling of the bike.

Recently, bicycles with 29 “and 27.5” inches have become quite popular – as a rule, such bicycles belong to the class of “mountain bike” (mountain bike).

It’s no secret that the larger the wheel of a bicycle, the larger it becomes, and therefore less maneuverable than other bicycles, but this does not mean that such bicycles are poorly controlled. But such bicycles ride better – they roll more smoothly and confidently, well, the maximum speed will be higher.

26 “inch wheels are still considered the standard for adult bikes, but city, road bikes and hybrids usually have a base with 28” inch wheels.

How to choose the right size of bicycle frame for your height?

And here we come to the main cause of discomfort on the bike – the size of the frame

Improperly chosen size of the bike entails excessive fatigue of the muscles of the back, knees, arms and neck muscles.

Of course, such trips will not bring you much pleasure.

Every modern bicycle has its own size. Often one and the same model is available in several frame sizes, so there should be no problems with the selection of a bike for your height.

► Get on the bike, get behind the wheel. The arms should be slightly bent at the elbows. You should not reach for the steering wheel, and your hands should not lose the steering wheel when cornering If it is a mountain or sports bike, the landing should be slightly inclined to the handlebars, the load is evenly distributed on the back and arms. In road and city bikes landing is usually with a straight back. It is very important: sitting on the seat and putting your foot on the pedal in the lower position – the foot should be almost straight, it will protect your knee joints from unnecessary loads. Get up from the saddle. For safety, there should be a gap of 5-10 cm between the inner thigh and the upper tube. If you are in Germany, we recommend ordering a bike on the Globus Baumarkt.


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