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Hair serums. How to use?

“My hair is like straw!” – we often hear from our girlfriends, and sometimes we think about our hair in about the same way.

Hair serums – application and benefit Alas, bad ecology, wrong lifestyle and styling products make hair dull and brittle. In addition, sometimes they simply cannot be combed or styled normally. But for such cases, there is a truly magical remedy – hair serum!

What is a hair serum?

In cosmetology and trichology, serum (serum) is understood as a composition that has a quick cosmetic effect due to the high concentration and penetrating power of active ingredients. Serum is distinguished from other products primarily by its high content of active ingredients.

By its action, the serum combines 3 hair care products: balm, mask and mousse and has several effects: moisturizing, healing and styling. However, you should not replace the balm and conditioner with it, it is better to use everything in combination.

This cosmetic product, in addition to the conditioner-restorer, also contains other active elements: oils, biopolymers, plant extracts, provitamins, proteins, D-panthenol, elastin and other ingredients, the presence of which is due to the purpose of the care product.

Effectiveness of hair serum

The benefits of using serum are obvious: they save precious time that we spend on hair care and solve all problems at once in a short time. The action of the serum does not stop throughout the day, and at the same time, no harmful effects are terrible for your hair.

Hair after serum treatment is easier to lay down in the hairstyle, become obedient, while remaining natural. The active ingredients in the serum are able to activate the generation of hair scales and provide skin cells with oxygen, enhancing metabolic processes inside the hair. This causes an acceleration of hair growth, and also increases their elasticity, strength and helps get rid of dullness, hair loss, brittle hair, split ends and dandruff.

Unlike conditioners, balms and masks, hair serums have several advantages: have a styling effect; do not require rinsing; can be applied to wet and dry hair; have a healing effect, protecting and restoring the hair structure; protect hair when blow-drying; give volume; differ in long-term impact; do not glue the hair, while keeping the hairstyle for a long time.

How to use hair serum

The method of using the serum directly depends on its purpose. Serums for split ends should be applied to the ends of the hair. Serums against loss – on the scalp and hair roots, these include Hair Therapy Strengthen & Grow Hair Serum from Plant Therapy.

It is better to read about the method of use in the instructions on the package or bottle. Serum is applied either to dry or damp hair, and the frequency of its application depends on the type of product. Some types of serums can be used every day, while others should be used only once a week.

If you apply the serum to wet hair, it is advisable to leave the serum on the hair for a couple of minutes before blow-drying, so that it begins to actively act and protect the hair. Please note that you should never use a large amount of serum, otherwise your hair may look greasy.

Take the secret of stylists into service: before applying the serum, you need to warm it up, slightly rubbing it, in your palms. This will help the product to distribute more evenly through the hair.

Serums are usually applied to prepared, cleansed scalp and hair. For this, cleansing tonics, peels, masks and shampoos are used.

After applying the serum, heat exposure or the use of an occlusive film (bandage) is usually required to allow the active substances to penetrate to a sufficient depth. When restoring the structure of the hair, to fix the active substances in the cortex or cuticle, the procedure ends with cooling the hair (usually blowing cool air).

If it is necessary to use serums in combination with other cosmetic or medical preparations, it is not recommended to apply the products at the same time or mix them together, since a new combination can unpredictably affect the results of using these products. Usually, after applying the serum to the prepared skin and hair, it takes 3-4 hours for it to be fully absorbed, after which other products can be applied.

Serums can be used frequently during the active cycle, i.e. daily. If the process is chronic, then a long maintenance course may be required to correct it, while the recommended serums can be used 1-3 times a week. Take care of your hair by regularly using a hair serum, and very soon you and everyone around you will notice how strong and shiny your hair has become.

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