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How to choose the right bouquet for a gift?

A flower bouquet is a universal gift for any celebration. Today, neither an anniversary, nor a wedding, nor a celebration of the birth of a baby can do without flowers. However, for each specific occasion, it is important to choose the right flower arrangement, because, for example, a bouquet for a boss and flowers for a romantic date will be radically different from each other and this should certainly be taken into account when choosing a gift.

The right flowers for the right occasion

The right choice of flowers for composing a bouquet is already half the success. Here are a few basic principles, following which you can avoid annoying mistakes:

For young girls, it is preferable to choose elegant flowers of delicate shades, bouquets of lush and bright flowers are best left for ladies of a more mature age. Lilies, fragile tulips and daisies are the perfect choice for a gift for a young lady.

When choosing roses, you should take into account what event the bouquet will be dedicated to. If this is a romantic date, then you should stop at an elegant arrangement of 3-5 flowers or give the lady of the heart a single scarlet rose. If the roses are intended for an anniversary gift, then a bouquet made up of flowers, the number of which corresponds to the date, may be the best option. However, it is worth remembering that the bouquet should not consist of an even number of buds, and if the hero of the day is, for example, 60 years old, one more flower should be added to the bouquet of 60 roses.

Bouquets for official celebrations should be discreetly elegant. Elegant compositions with bright decor at official events will look at least strange.

As for the wedding, the bouquet as a gift to the newlyweds must certainly be bright and lush. If the choice fell on exotic flowers, then it is important to observe moderation here, even if the composition is dedicated to the wedding.

Bouquets for favorite artists can also be radically compared with each other. If a flower arrangement is made for the master of the stage, then it should be decorated in a noble classical style, but exotic arrangements and elegant bouquets are best left for beginners.


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