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In 2016, Emma Grede and Khloé Kardashian founded Good American, the inclusive fashion brand offering trend-driven denim designs which has built inclusivity into its ethos, carrying sizes 00 through to 24. Its launch campaign brought in $1 million on its first day.

Good American labels itself as the first fully inclusive fashion brand with their sizes ranging from 00-24. At the company’s core is its love and appreciation for all body types, they want to ensure that their customers feel heard, feel seen, and feel included. The slogan featured on their website states “Your curves are our cause”, which I believe reflects the reason behind the founding of Good American.

Good American is a brand like no other, one that truly cares about true representation of all types of women from around the world.

Women empowerment, inclusivity, body positivity, and diversity are the core values of Good American, and what it means to be a good American. It is apparent that women from all corners of the world resonate with this movement.  It is truly inspiring to witness such powerful women make fashion history in my lifetime and to see how much care they have for their brand and how much attention they give to every detail in the construction of the company from the ground-up and with astounding core values. While it has been a tough journey for the two CEOs, it is clear now more than ever they have made major leaps and achievements.

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